Day at the Docks (Help a Kid Fish)

On Sunday, April 7, 2024, the parking lots at Fisherman’s Landing, Point Loma
Sportfishing, and H&M Sportfishing will be closed and the area will become a huge free
festival, DAY AT THE DOCKS. This is a FREE and FUN day to come down, listen to
the band, check-out all the booths ranging from art, clothing, sunhats, jewelry, fishing
tackle, travel insurance, travel, tour the boats, go on boat rides, and it is an especially
wonderful time to bring kids down to the Bay to catch their first fish at the fishing pens.
This is a fun family event.

The San Diego Anglers will be manning the Kids Fishing Pens at Fisherman’s Landing
and Point Loma Sportfishing. This is a fun experience and great opportunity to share our
sport with families that might not otherwise have the opportunity to fish.
We need Volunteers to help at the pens. The shifts are broken up into two-hour
increments. Currently, especially in the afternoon from 1pm-3pm and 3pm-5pm, we are very
light on help. The 3pm-5pm shift actually goes until about 4pm for the fishing, then there is
takedown from 4pm to 5pm. There are also opportunities to work in the SDA Booth, which is
also broken up into shifts. You will receive a DAY AT THE DOCKS T-SHIRT if you sign up by
March 6th.

Thank you for reading!