2017 Lake Cuyamaca “Fishing in the Pines” Kids Derby

Hello Crew Members,

It was nice to feel the crisp Autumn air with a wonderful bunch of volunteer/participants.   Dave and Destiny Chavez were probably the first to arrive early that morning.   Nancy Ortiz, John Otto, and myself arrived about 9:30 and saw a lot of the site already setup.   Dwayne, Mike Kezele, Glen Gerber, Mike Tombleson, and son Michael, Glenn Gerber, Donald Pehle were already there and surely were part of the setup.   Thank You Guys!   The three of us offloaded what was on my truck and headed down to the restaurant for breakfast that we missed out on earlier that morning.    Once inside we were happy to see Doug and Dora Schulte and Eric and Kim Klingensmith enjoying breakfast readying themselves for the day ahead.   Returning to the derby site we were welcomed by the rest of our crew including Jill Broadfoot, Janice Krause, Paula from the lake and John Doe (trying to be all inclusive 🙂 ).

The gang had already gotten the grills going and started cooking up a couple hot dogs and hamburgers as well as the marinated fish that had been filleted the day before at Al the Sportsman’s Pal’s house by the following fillet masters… ( Mike Tombleson, Dwayne Patenaude, Al Stasukevich, Mike Kezele, Rudy Garcia, Nick Nichols, Charles Fouquette, Butch, and myself ). Thank You Guys it made a difference, no muss or fuss and especially no yellow jackets.

Ultimately what a great day for all of the kids that came up with their parents and or grandparents and friends to try their luck at landing all those great fish that Butch and Company planted for this.

Thank you for reading!