September Angler of the Month

A Contest for All! We’re Changing Things Up for September!
The IGFA Tournament has been transformed into an Angler of the Month contest. Here’s what that means:
First, everyone is already entered in this month-long fishing competition. No need to sign up. No entries; no fees. You just have to go fishing throughout the month of September and report your results using the club website’s online Weighmaster report.
Second, you can fish for any and all species you want to target. Target as many species as you want, and submit up to three (3) fish per species. The Angler of the Year point system will be used to calculate a value for each submission. That means a nice Spotted Bay Bass or Vermillion Rockfish will compete with those big bruiser Bluefin Tuna. It’s a level playing field no matter what you choose to fish for! The most points accumulated throughout the month will win bragging rights and a nice little prize as well.
Hint: The more species you catch (up to three fish per species), the more points you can accumulate.
Third, submit your entries at Open the MENU and choose FORMS. Click the “Online Weight Receipt Click Here” button and fill out the required information. (Your submissions can also be applied to the Angler of the Year Competition.) Hit submit and you are in the game!!! The Weight Master will calculate the points awarded for each submission received during September and recognize the Angler of the Month at October’s General Meeting.

Note: Only fish caught during September will be included in the point totals. Everyone starts at zero points for purposes of this contest. However, a fish caught during the contest can be used to improve Angler of the Year standings if (1) the fish has a higher point value than a previously submitted specimen or (2) the fish is your first specimen submitted in that category.
Lastly, the fishing is outstanding right now! Whether you are chasing tuna, bass, dorado, rockfish, marlin, yellowtail or any of the other categories, just slay, weigh and play!!
Good luck!

Thank you for reading!