Saturday, February 19, 2014 – It was a beautiful morning with mild temperatures and a full moon.  We met everyone at South Shores Launch Ramp in Mission Bay.  A total of 19 anglers fished the tournament.  Sadly no Juniors were able to fish the tournament.  My grandsons were busy and Harrison Kellerman had a basketball game.  William Proctor aged out of the Junior division but still fished on the Copout.  Anglers on 4 kayaks fished the tournament.  Richard and Zella Burk provided pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, and lemon pie during the weigh-in.  John Otto took photographs at the weigh-in.

Susan Johnson, whose name honors this tournament, was sadly taken from us three years ago.  She was president of the San Diego Anglers in 2002 and joined the club with her husband Steve in 1998.  Susan was always a positive influence in the club and a good friend of everyone she met.  Susan was on the board of directors in 2000 and it was her idea to have a Bay Bass Tournament on Mission Bay.  The first Mission Bay Tournament was in November of 2000.  The tournament has been one of the most popular and highly attended since.

The Winners

(Based on 3 Bass Bag) 

Adults:  First place with a 5.5 lb. 3 fish bag (all Spotted Bass) was Mike York.  He won $200.00.  Mike also won the jackpot with a 2.6 lb. Spotted Bass.  This added $140.00 to his winnings.  Mike’s name will be engraved on the perennial plaque.  Second place went to Tony Souza with a 3.4 lb. 2 fish bag (both Spotted Bass).  Tony fished on a Kayak to take these fish.  Third place went to Steve Johnson with a 2.7 lb. two fish bag (Spotted Bass)  He won $100.00.  Fourth place with a 1.4 lb. one fish bag (Spottys again) was Charles Schuler.  He took home $75.00.  Fifth place with a 1.3 lb. Sand Bass was Nancy Ortiz.  She was awarded $50.00.

Junior Division:
1st: None
2nd: None
3rd: None

Adult Division:
 Mike York – 5.5lb 3-fish sack. Prize: $200 + $150 Jackpot
2nd: Tony Souza – 3.4lb 2-fish sack. Prize: $150
3rd: Steve Johnson – 2.7lb 2-fish sack. Prize: $100
4th: Charles Schuler – 1.4lb 1-fish sack. Prize: $75
 Nancy Ortiz – 1.3lb 2-fish sack. Prize: $50



Sunday, March 16, 2014 – 

Under 7 Junior Division:
Lizard Fish:
Skipper Award:

7-12 Junior Division:
Lizard Fish:
Skipper Award:

13-16 Junior Division:

Adult Division: Ladies


The San Diego Anglers hold monthly tournaments open to club members in good Standing. Club members entering these tournaments each year are eligible for tournament prizes and accumulating points toward the “Tournament Angler of the Year” award in the Adult and Junior divisions respectively.

One Angler will be recognized in the Adult and one in the Junior divisions as the San Diego Angler’s “Tournament Angler of the Year” at our Annual Awards Banquet. Juniors are recognized as juniors up to and during the calendar year they are sixteen. If a junior is sixteen years of age on January 1st, they will compete as a junior all year. If a junior is seventeen years of age on January 1st, they will compete as an adult from then on.

Anglers participating in the San Diego Anglers Tournaments receive; one (1) point for entering in each individual monthly Club tournament. Anglers placing first 1st thru 5th in these tournaments will only receive the point conversions in the following points system values;

Monthly Club Tournament placement = Tournament Angler of the Year points earned

1st  Place –     Seven  (7) points
2nd Place –     Six       (6) points
3rd  Place –     Five     (5) points
4th  Place –     Four    (4) points
5th  Place –     Three  (3) points
Participation – One     (1) point

* Tournament Angler of the Year standings are current as of 02/28/14

1st Place  Mike York 7 Pts 1st Place  0 pts
2nd Place  Tony Souza 6 pts 2nd Place  0 pts
3rd Place  Steve Johnson 5 pts 3rd Place  0 pts
4th Place  Charles Schuler 4 pts 3th Place  0 pts
5th Place  Nancy Ortiz 3 pts 5th Place  0 pts