2019 Angler Award Winners

 2019 Angler Awards

Sponsor of the Year for 2019:
Josh Irvine, Penske Ford of La Mesa

Tournament Angler of the Year:
Norm Campbell

Junior Tournament Angler of the Year:
Justin Larson

Skipper of the Year:
Norm Campbell

Angler of the Year – Men’s Division:
Norm Campbell, 1089.62 Points

Angler of the Year – Women’s Division:
Lori Heath, 964.54 Points

Angler of the Year – Junior Division:
Vincent Hauser 602.04 Points

First Tuna for 2019:
Ken Pucillo 27.05 lbs.., Bluefin Tuna


San Diego Anglers 2019 Awards Winners

Men’s Division:

Chad Gierlich: Barracuda (Pacific) 7.5 lbs.
Bass (Sand) 7.5 lbs.
Halibut (California) 33 lbs.
Lingcod (Local) 14.0 lbs.
Rock Fish (Local) 6.0 lbs.
White Sea Bass (Local) 60.0 lbs.

John Gleaves: Tuna (Yellowfin, Beyond 125 miles) 94.0 lbs.
Cesar Garcia: Bass (Calico, Local) 7.7 lbs.

Charley Fouquette: Yellowtail (California, Beyond 125 miles) 42.5 lbs.

Norm Campbell: Bass (Spotted Bay, Local) 3.7 lbs.
Bonito (Pacific, Local) 11.2 lbs.
Dorado (Local) 17.4 lbs.
Tuna (Yellowfin, Local) 59.8 lbs.

Ken Pucillo: Dorado ( Beyond 125 miles) 16.4 lbs.
Shark (Mako, Local) Released

Tony Souza: Yellowtail (Local) 35.8 lbs.

Ron Lee: Corbina (Local) 3 lbs.

Bob Ziomek: Rockfish (Beyond 125 miles) 15.1 lbs.

Gary Smith: Halibut (Pacific, Beyond 125 miles) 120 lbs.

Steve Carson: Tuna (Bluefin, Local) 285 lbs.

Ladies’ Division:

Alisa Garrett: Halibut (Pacific, Beyond 125 miles) 40 lbs.
Lingcod (Beyond 125 miles) 50 lbs.
Rockfish (Beyond 125 miles) 13.10 lbs.

Janice Krause: Lingcod (Local) 7.8 lbs.
Corbina (Local) 3 lbs.

Nancy Ortiz: Halibut (California, Local) 22.5 lbs.

JoJo Pemberton: Bass (Calico, Local) 5.0 lbs.
Bass (Spotted Bay, Local) 2.0 lbs.

Linda Power: Barracuda (Local) 5.48 lbs.
Yellowtail (Beyond 125 miles) 28.03 lbs.

Lori Heath: Bass (Sand, Local) 5.18 lbs.
Bonito (Local) 12.99 lbs. Rockfish (Local) 5.8 lbs.
Tuna (Bluefin, Local) 80.96 lbs. Tuna (Yellowfin, local) 72.2
Yellowtail (California, Local) 22.6 lbs.