Sign up at the November or December Anglers meeting and receive a chance for two free banquet tickets. In November 2 tickets will be drawn at the meeting. The remaining November tickets will be added to the December drawing for 2 tickets. Membership cost is $70 for single adult. $80 to add spouse or family. Single junior membership (15 and under) is $10. Active military membership is free. If you would like a club badge the cost is $5 per badge. See you at the meeting and good luck.

Earl Asbury Memorial Tournament (Winners)

Junior Anglers

Class – Tuna

1st.       Justin Larson   35 7/8”         

                        Class – Yellowtail

2nd.      Vincent Hauser           31 3/4”

1st.       Cash Troop                  32 ¼”     

                        Class – Dorado

2nd.      Justin Larson   27 ¾”

1st.       Vincent Hauser           30 ½”    

Adult Anglers

                        Class – Tuna

5th.       Ron Lee                      23 ¾”bf                      

4th.       Sam Lindsey   26” yf             

3rd.  Dave Ameika                   26 ¼” yf                     

2nd.      Adam Larson  37” bf

1st.       Janice Krause  48 ¼” bf

Class – Yellowtail

3rd.       Adam Larson  32”

2nd.      Linda Power                32 ½”

1st.       Ron Lee                      41 ¼”

                        Class – Dorado

2nd.      Janice Krause  23 ¾”

1st.       Adam Larson              27”

BONUS: 3 Fish Sack

1st.       Adam Larson with 96” of Fish:

                                    Tuna               37” Bluefin

                                    Yellowtail       32”

                                    Dorado                       27”  

Congratulations Adam!    

Congratulations to all our anglers! From everything that I have heard and seen it was a great time out there chasing fish. I know that this is something that Earl would have loved to be out there with us.

Monthly Meeting

The San Diego Anglers
Are Proud to Present
Geoff Hunt
At our November 10th, 2021 Location
Portugese Hall
Wednesday, November 10th, 2021
2818 Avenida De Portugal
San Diego, CA 92106

On the corner of Shelter Island Dr. & Shafter St.
Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

Guest Speaker Geoff Hunt 

Geoff Hunt is a chef and commercial fisherman. He can catch ‘em and cook ‘em! His specialty is sourcing commercial fishing gear, foul weather gear, building and innovating traps and customer service. Geoff has been making traps for 10 years and has built a solid reputation with the West Coast fleet. He makes the highest quality traps you can find and is a great guy to do business with. Geoff values fairness, quality and helping people, which make up the core foundation of Lobster Port.

Geoff Hunt was a local commercial fisherman, working in the fish, lobster, crab and squid fisheries out of the San Diego G Street harbor. He experienced the difficult tasks of sourcing, procuring and building commercial gear and traps firsthand. To help solve these problems, he opened Lobster Port Trap Company in 2012; The One-Stop Shop for Commercial Gear and Custom-Built Traps. From the humble beginnings in his garage, Geoff worked tirelessly to grow the company we know today. His mission is to provide the highest quality traps and customer service in Southern California.

Geoff Hunt

21st Annual Fishin in the Pines

21st Annual Fishin in the Pines

2021 Lake Cuyamaca “Fishing in the Pines” Kids Derby

Hey there Gals & Guys Serving/Cooking/Prepping Team Members,

Prep Day: (09:30am Friday the 24st) started out perfecto at Al’s house with all our fillet Masters: Dwayne Patenaude, Charlie Fouquette, Mike Kezelle, Cliff Johnson, John Jones, Rudy Garcia, Bill Brown, Butch Paddock, Al Staz. and myself (MIA with Barb hiding in the house) at Al Stasukevich’s Pondarosa. Once again, our refined process of filleting/marinading & packing is nothing short of top shelf according to Al. We got those beautiful Yellowtail, Yellowfin & Bluefin fillets cut, marinated, and bagged up for Saturday. I would say about 3-4hrs. later in the afternoon the sky darkened all around the county and the lightning and rain started, acting as if it was going to foul Butch’s and his staff’s Big Day.  THANKS AGAIN ALL YOU FILLET TEAM MEMBERS.

Game Day: WOW, Saturday the 25th morning 0630 not much in the way of threatening weather :0)  Yaaay! Off to Sonya’s (“Ramona Café”) to meet up with some of our assume gang, and some of our other heavy hitters hit their regular Saturday morning hang out at Hwy. 67 Café. After a good solid energy boost from the two Cafes, it’s on the road again and off to Julian to make the final turn heading to the Lake. A lot of us arrived approaching the lake about 9:45 seeing the first glance of the Anglers that we would be cooking and serving to/for. There was a fair number of Anglers and vehicles coming into view so we knew it was going to be another great event. The cooking and serving stations were starting to come alive and set-up was well underway. Butch’s staff made it pretty darn easy again to grab a parking place, and our tools and we were off to the races of getting things prepared to cook for and serve to the mass amount of Little Fisher persons and their Families, on that Great Mountainous Paradise. SO, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT! The morning progressed and before we knew it, the time had come to get busy with the task at hand of feeding some of 5-600 people.


It was a little lighter than years past, Dang that Covid for messing up all that it has messed up :0(          IT WILL BE BIGGER NEXT YEAR!!!


We had some newbies show up on site that I would like to mention and thank for coming & welcome to the team: Warren Wong, Harley Hart, Al & Barbara Stasukevich (Glad you guys made the trek, your already part of the team!) Thank you all!

All of the chefs on the grills, the servers, & everyone that helped was very much appreciated and I thank you for everything, you are what makes this all happen!!!: Dwayne & Debbie Patenaude, Ray and Jill Broadfoot, Butch Paddock, Al & Barb Staz, John Otto, Glenn Gerber, Norm & Sue Campbell,  Doug & Dora Shulte, (John, Holly, Paige & Emma Jones), Debbie Humphrey,  Kevin Burkart,  John Gleaves, Mike Kezele, Bob Pence, Charles Fouquette, Cliff Johnson, Chris Fletcher, Harley Hart, Warren Wong , Shannon & Tyler, Butch Paddock, Debbie Zittle, Ed Thilken, Dave Hilfiker and Myself, Thank you, guys, Great Job!!! We really missed those who couldn’t make it this year and look forward to your help in the future. Lots of Kids, Parents, Grandparents & lots of people ate and drank because of you guys!! Thank you all so much for volunteering, it sure makes a difference for all of those kids and the event. I hope you all had a good time and I don’t know how many times I heard THANK YOU from the Customer (Participants) for all our efforts!!!

  Thank you, O.P. Ball, Butch & Crew

                                                       GREAT JOB FROM A REALLY GREAT TEAM!