2019 Angler Award Winners

 2019 Angler Awards

Sponsor of the Year for 2019:
Josh Irvine, Penske Ford of La Mesa

Tournament Angler of the Year:
Norm Campbell

Junior Tournament Angler of the Year:
Justin Larson

Skipper of the Year:
Norm Campbell

Angler of the Year – Men’s Division:
Norm Campbell, 1089.62 Points

Angler of the Year – Women’s Division:
Lori Heath, 964.54 Points

Angler of the Year – Junior Division:
Vincent Hauser 602.04 Points

First Tuna for 2019:
Ken Pucillo 27.05 lbs.., Bluefin Tuna


San Diego Anglers 2019 Awards Winners

Men’s Division:

Chad Gierlich: Barracuda (Pacific) 7.5 lbs.
Bass (Sand) 7.5 lbs.
Halibut (California) 33 lbs.
Lingcod (Local) 14.0 lbs.
Rock Fish (Local) 6.0 lbs.
White Sea Bass (Local) 60.0 lbs.

John Gleaves: Tuna (Yellowfin, Beyond 125 miles) 94.0 lbs.
Cesar Garcia: Bass (Calico, Local) 7.7 lbs.

Charley Fouquette: Yellowtail (California, Beyond 125 miles) 42.5 lbs.

Norm Campbell: Bass (Spotted Bay, Local) 3.7 lbs.
Bonito (Pacific, Local) 11.2 lbs.
Dorado (Local) 17.4 lbs.
Tuna (Yellowfin, Local) 59.8 lbs.

Ken Pucillo: Dorado ( Beyond 125 miles) 16.4 lbs.
Shark (Mako, Local) Released

Tony Souza: Yellowtail (Local) 35.8 lbs.

Ron Lee: Corbina (Local) 3 lbs.

Bob Ziomek: Rockfish (Beyond 125 miles) 15.1 lbs.

Gary Smith: Halibut (Pacific, Beyond 125 miles) 120 lbs.

Steve Carson: Tuna (Bluefin, Local) 285 lbs.

Ladies’ Division:

Alisa Garrett: Halibut (Pacific, Beyond 125 miles) 40 lbs.
Lingcod (Beyond 125 miles) 50 lbs.
Rockfish (Beyond 125 miles) 13.10 lbs.

Janice Krause: Lingcod (Local) 7.8 lbs.
Corbina (Local) 3 lbs.

Nancy Ortiz: Halibut (California, Local) 22.5 lbs.

JoJo Pemberton: Bass (Calico, Local) 5.0 lbs.
Bass (Spotted Bay, Local) 2.0 lbs.

Linda Power: Barracuda (Local) 5.48 lbs.
Yellowtail (Beyond 125 miles) 28.03 lbs.

Lori Heath: Bass (Sand, Local) 5.18 lbs.
Bonito (Local) 12.99 lbs. Rockfish (Local) 5.8 lbs.
Tuna (Bluefin, Local) 80.96 lbs. Tuna (Yellowfin, local) 72.2
Yellowtail (California, Local) 22.6 lbs.

August 5th 2020 SDA Club Meeting Webinar

August 5th 2020 SDA Monthly Meeting Webinar

Zoom Webinar Meeting Starts at 7:00 pm

To join the Webinar see the invitation emailed to all members  8-1-20

The San Diego Anglers
Are Proud to Present – Guest Speaker

Co-owner and Operator of the “Pacific Queen”
Captain Drew Card

Captain Drew Card is the co-owner and operator of the “Pacific Queen”, an 88 foot clean-lined Sportfisher with a massive 22 foot beam. The “Pacific Queen” has unique lines that make her the ultimate sport fishing platform. With a cruising speed of 11 to 12 knots this makes the “Pacific Queen” one of the faster boats in the fleet. Drew has two separate fish holds on the “Pacific Queen” that are set at the perfect chill temperature to ensure the highest qual-ity fish when you return to the dock and have the fish processed at Five Star Fish Processing, San Die-go’s premier fish processor.
Drew’s love for the wa-ter and his passion for sport fishing started at a young age. Since he was a little grom, he would pound the shore surf fish-ing and surfing all sum-mer long. In his 20’s, he became JJ Garrison’s (owner of the “Apollo”), right hand man. He knew the next step was to buy his own boat and create a business and legacy for his own family.

Not a SDA club member and want to join? Click on the Forms tab and download the SDA Membership Application.

2020 Open Bay Bass Tournament Results

Open Bay Bass Tournament

Tournament Date–Jan 25, 2020


To Bryan Davis and Whitney Uyeda for winning this years event. They brought in a beautiful sack of sandbass (10.43 pounds) topped by a nice 5 pound fish. The win earned them $1500 from Fishermans Landing tackle, $250 for largest bass (Seaforth Boat Rentals) and the jackpot of $1450. Rumor has it they caught their fish on Ring Hammer made by Big Hammer lures.

Read about it on his facebook page


Top 25


1 Davis Uyeda 10.43
2 Hill Hill 10.16
3 Jamieson Buono 9.93
4 Souza Souza 7.77
5 Hargis Gilbert 7.61
6 Buckalew Weintraub 7.52
7 Israel Israel 7.1
8 Pritzl Pritzl 7.03
9 Handzus Handzus 6.58
10 Romero Keppeler 6.06
11 Mohney Tolentino 5.59
12 Talamantes Talamantes 5.59
13 DeLong Rodgers 5.39
14 Moyer Moyer 5.31
15 Hendrix Diaz 5.22
16 Pearce Badillo 4.91
17 Heron Yokoyama 4.77
18 Rendon Hardardt 4.77
19 Crull Macurda 4.67
20 Higley Smith 4.61
21 Power Douglas 4.49
22 Kasyouhannon Kalasho 4.43
23 Ponder Beerling 4.4
24 Wechsler Sweeney 4.39
25 Sedgwick Lamberson 4.35