January 8th 2020 SDA Club Meeting

January 8th 2020 SDA Monthly Meeting

San Diego Anglers are proud to Present:

Dennis Burlason & Ed Howerton

Dennis Burlason and Ed Howerton are well known for their expertise as top-notch bass fishermen. They have won the San Diego Anglers Open Bay Bass Tournament four times which, is no easy feat considering the best of the best fish the tournament. They also have earned Championship and Angler of the Year Titles in competitive saltwater-bass tournaments throughout Southern California.
In addition to their bass fishing acumen, they are also accomplished offshore and all-around anglers. Some of their adventures and accomplishments have been featured on the “Stoked on Fishing” television program. This month, Dennis and Ed will share some of their tactics and techniques that will help improve your local saltwater bass fishing.

Bahia Resort Hotel
998 West Mission Bay Drive San Diego, CA
Ventana Room ground floor by the Marina

Doors open at 6:00pm Meeting starts at 7:00pm

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November Bay Bass Tournament Results

San Diego Bay, November 16th another outstanding fall day, weather was sunny and warm with calm waters. There were 18 anglers signed up for the Bay Bass Tournament. We had 11 men, 3 women, and 4 juniors. 20 fish were weight in by 14 anglers. Ranging from 1.2 lbs. spotty to a 3.9 lbs. Sandy. With Halibut as the Jackpot Fish 30” 10.3 lbs.
Winners were:
Place #Fish Weight Angler

1st 2 4.7 lbs. John Beerling

2nd 2 4.3 lbs. Ken Pocillio

3rd 2 3.6 lbs. Norm Campbell

4th 2 3.1 lbs. Jason Palmieri

5th 2 2.5 lbs. Adam Larson

Place #Fish Weight Angler

1st 2 3.9 lbs. Sue Campbell

2nd 1 2.5 lbs. Lynn Medlin

Place #Fish Weight Angler

1st 1 1.8 lbs. Vincent Hauser

2nd 1 1.8 lbs. Justin Larson

3rd 1 1.5 lbs. Wyatt Cargil

Jackpot: With a 10.3 lbs. 30” Halibut caught by Jason Palmieri It was a great day on the water and at the weight in. Several other club members’ show up to see how things went. Lots of talking about fishing, of what went on the water and of things that could have been, or what was hope to be. Regardless of what they caught it was a good time for all. We are looking forward to the New Year and a new round of club fishing tournaments. Thanks to all who participated, supported and help out with this years tournaments.